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How to Write a Survey Paper.

by Karen Palmer on August 2022

Survey papers might be hard to summarize and conduct research though they are very common among other types of writing assignments. The following blog post will help you structure and… Read More

How to Shorten Your Essay .

by Karen Palmer on July 2022
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We have already written about the importance of word count and how to make your essay longer without adding unnecessary and irrelevant information. Your professor can clearly see when you… Read More

How to Write an Opinion Essay.

by Karen Palmer on June 2022
a girl writing in a journal

One of the best things about opinion essays is that they provide students the chance to express their ideas on sometimes-restrictive topics. The strongest argument supported by pertinent justifications and… Read More

How to Write a Classification Essay.

by Karen Palmer on June 2022
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At the high school and university levels, a classification essay is a typical assignment. It essentially divides objects, concepts, people, and other subjects into distinct groups based on a set… Read More

How to Write a Reflective Essay.

by Karen Palmer on May 2022
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If you’re writing a reflective essay, you’re sharing your ideas and feelings, whether in a scene, an opinion piece, teaching, or a seminar. As an author, you need to assess… Read More

How to Write a Narrative Essay.

by Karen Palmer on April 2022
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Among all the types of essays, narrative essays can be classified as the most enjoyable ones – they tell a story and usually don’t require particular evidence or research. It… Read More

5 Tips on Writing Your Essay Faster.

by Karen Palmer on January 2022
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Probably every college student faces the need to write an essay fast at least one time throughout their academic careers. And while we all would like a day to be… Read More

How to Write an Outline to Save Your Time.

by Karen Palmer on November 2021
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When you get an essay assignment, writing an outline is the first thing you should do. There are so many benefits to writing an outline. Besides helping you organize your… Read More

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