How to Balance Summer Job and Fun.

by Karen Palmer on April 2023
sunglasses on a beach

A summer job might be an excellent option for college students to supplement their income while gaining essential work experience. You can make some bucks, meet new people, create a… Read More

The Best Ways to Use Technology for Studying.

by Karen Palmer on April 2023
a monitor

For many students, technology has become a crucial element of their studies. It has improved the efficiency, flexibility, and personalization of learning. People nowadays have access to a broad selection… Read More

Benefits of Joining Student Organizations.

by Karen Palmer on March 2023
a group of people

Participating in a student group, club, or organization is not a mandatory but an important part of the college experience. If you are looking for a chance to interact, socialize,… Read More

How to Maximize Your Dorm Space.

by Karen Palmer on February 2023
moving boxes

Typical dorm rooms might be very cluttered and quite inconvenient to live in. Many students know how frustrating it is to jump over the piles of various stuff and luggage… Read More

How to Make Money Saving More Fun: Part 1.

by Karen Palmer on January 2023
a plant growing from money

When talking about finances and saving tips, it is usually about “what you can live without” or “how to cut your expenses on particular categories of purchases” which is not… Read More

How to Manage Midterm Stress.

by Karen Palmer on December 2022
a girl stressed

Stressing while studying in college is almost typical now, sadly. Students stress a lot about upcoming exams, deadlines, challenging assignments, and pressure. It’s also known that many students face a… Read More

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