Category: College Life

Study Abroad: Best Tips and Advice.

by Karen Palmer on November 2022
passport and a hat

Studying abroad is exciting yet intimidating. So many new things, people, specifics, traditions, and rules. And sometimes a language barrier too. However, students all around the world are now able… Read More

How to Write a Motivation Letter .

by Karen Palmer on October 2022
a guy with a laptop

When you are applying for a job or college, you might face the need to write a motivation letter. It is a part of your application that is very important… Read More

Pros and Cons of Community Colleges.

by Karen Palmer on September 2022
a college library

Some high-school students consider going to a community college after their graduation. This is one of the many options you have when deciding on what you are going to do… Read More

Tips for Graduation Day.

by Karen Palmer on May 2022
a girl in a graduation attire

Every student is excited about their graduation day no matter what it is – high school graduation, college, or university. It is a moment that everyone waits for and works… Read More

How to Spend Less Time on Homework.

by Karen Palmer on April 2022
a girl with lots of textbooks

Homework might take too much time when you are a high school or college student with too many others tasks in your schedule. If you would like to learn how… Read More

Tips on Self-Development as a College Student.

by Karen Palmer on February 2022
letters spell the keys to yourself

Every person evolves through time and develops skills, abilities, and qualifications. College students are the ones who are ready to learn something new and improve themselves to start their adult… Read More

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