Category: College Life

How to Survive Through College Burnout.

by Karen Palmer on December 2021
burnout spelled with scribble letters

For many, college is an excellent time to grow as a person. From meeting new people to exploring alternative ideas and opinions, college allows students to discover unique aspects of… Read More

How to Find Balance Between College and Work.

by Karen Palmer on December 2021
a girl is working on her laptop

Managing both studying and working might seem like juggling two firecrackers that are risking falling down or burning down. You want to be socially active, have some time for yourself,… Read More

How to Stay Motivated in College.

by Karen Palmer on April 2021
make this day great

Motivation is the key element of productivity and the best helper in achieving your goals. Being a student means working hard and setting your priorities while also trying to make… Read More

6 Ways to Reduce Your Exam Stress.

by Karen Palmer on March 2021
a girl is sitting with books opened

Exams are stressful without any doubt. Even if you study a lot and spend a lot of time preparing, you might feel a lot of pressure and anxiety. This post… Read More

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