Tips for Graduation Day

By Karen Palmer on May 2022
Category: College Life

a girl in a graduation attire

Every student is excited about their graduation day no matter what it is – high school graduation, college, or university. It is a moment that everyone waits for and works hard for so it’s no surprise that it should be the day to remember. If you are one of the students who would love to know how to stress less about the upcoming event and how to prepare yourself for graduation day, this blog post is just for you.

Less Stress

Some students might be anxious about the ceremony and the event itself, others might feel a little bit uncomfortable because of excessive attention. It’s absolutely okay to feel this way – you don’t experience a lot of such big dates in your life and everything new might seem scary and stressful.

However, it doesn’t mean that you should let it all overcome you. Here are a few tips on how to cope with stress on the graduation day:

  1. Practice at home. Being prepared for accepting your certificate plays an important role in your overall confidence and chill. If you are nervous about messing up and doing something wrong, just practice at home how you are going to accept your certificate during the ceremony. Do it in front of a big mirror and learn how to keep smiling while shaking a hand or posing for a picture. This is a simple but effective move that will help you a lot to ease your stress.
  2. Make sure to come early. It sounds silly but sometimes all you need to feel less stressed is to get to the location on time and breathe out. You don’t want to be late because of traffic and feel stressed even more – so just plan your day and stick to your schedule to exclude another stressful moment. You will have time to get acquainted and take some pictures as well.
  3. Have a good breakfast. Being hungry doesn’t make you feel any better, especially when it is a big day. Have a nice breakfast to feel full of energy for the next few hours and make sure you have a bottle of water with you to stay hydrated.
  4. Check the ceremony agenda one more time. In order to feel good and prepared it’s crucial to make sure you know the rules, requirements, and schedule. All this info should be in the ceremony agenda. Check it beforehand to order the right grad gown as well as make sure you can organize your parents and friends who will come to the ceremony.
  5. Ask yourself a question – what does make me feel so nervous about graduation day? Is it big crowds or your fear to do something wrong? If you can answer this question, it will be much easier for you to cope with stress.

These easy tips above will allow you to feel more comfortable and avoid excessive stress during the event.


It’s important to feel comfortable when such a big date takes place. Not only because you don’t want to feel exhausted after just a few hours but also to make sure you don’t need to keep fixing your outfit and think about how you look when taking group photos. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right clothes for your graduation:

  1. Order your cap and gown beforehand. The cap and gown are an essential part of the graduation ceremony. Order and try on your graduation attire well in advance to ensure that it is comfortable and in good condition. If you find any flaws or imperfections in the material, have it replaced as soon as possible. Before and after receiving the certificate, double-check that the cap tassel is on the correct side.
  2. Plan your outfit. For college graduation ceremonies, business casual attire is advised. It means a shirt with or without a tie, pants, top, or a dress. Make sure you don’t feel too hot in clothes underneath your gown.
  3. Prepare your outfit. Make sure you have everything ready, clean, and ironed the night before graduation day. It is a simple tip but will allow you to avoid stress when getting ready before the event.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes. While many people buy new shoes for their graduation day to look beautiful, you need to remember that new shoes might ruin your day if you don’t break them in before the event. You might also want to take spare shoes with you if you decided to wear high heels.

Eventually, your clothes should be chosen in order to make you happy and comfortable. It is your day, so make sure you plan your outfit beforehand.

Important Details

Here are a few other important things to remember when getting ready for your graduation day:

  • Make sure your phone is fully charged.
  • Take a good camera with you or make sure one of your mates has it to take some good-quality pictures.
  • Don’t be shy and ask people to take a picture of you. You want to have some memorable photos, but having none because you were too shy to ask strangers to do it will probably make you feel bad in the future. There is nothing wrong to ask even a random person to take a photo of you or a group photo with your friends.
  • Remember to keep smiling. A positive approach is the most important part of this day. 

Wrapping Up

Your graduation day is another proof that you are doing a great job and you are worth having fun and relaxing. Everyone should be proud of their accomplishments and victories, one of which is graduating from a learning institution. Have a great graduation day and good luck!

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