Questions to Ask Before Accepting an Internship

By Karen Palmer on February 2022
Category: College Life

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Many students are very glad to receive an internship offer and get a chance to try themselves in a real job. It might seem like an opportunity that you should never give up, however not every internship offer is worth accepting. Here is the list of the questions that should be asked before you accept the offer and commit to the organization.

What Are Your Responsibilities?

One of the main things that should be discussed in the process is what your responsibilities and tasks are. Sometimes the internship doesn’t provide you with the exact tasks that would make you understand the essence of the position and the sphere that you are entering. Bringing coffee will neither help you embed your theoretical knowledge into practice, nor improve your professional skills. Interns are often put into positions that help employer organize their workflow but it doesn’t allow them to understand how the company operates.

Ask about what exact tasks you will need to complete as an intern and how many responsibilities you will be introduced to.

Is It a Paid Internship?

Another very crucial thing for any student is whether the internship is paid or not. It’s not common for interns to be paid a competitive salary but some money would definitely come in handy. Especially if the offer implies a longer internship, then it has to provide at least a minimum wage for all of its interns. While it’s not the argument towards declining the offer right away, it’s a serious factor that should be considered. Some unpaid internships are worth accepting due to perspective employment or useful training. So, make sure you take into consideration all of the pros and cons while making a decision.

Are There Any Training Programs for Interns?

Being an intern is not the same as being a regular employee. You need to learn a lot of different things and specifics about the chosen profession, that’s why training is a crucial element of gaining the required experience. If there is no training offered for interns, it’s a bad sign. 

There might also be a chance for you to attend some training events that can teach you a lot not only about the particular job but other important skills as well. Events that are meant to develop you as a professional is a kind of investment that shows how much a company cares about their employees and future on the market. 

Does This Internship Offer College Credit?

College credit is what the majority of students are focused on. And it’s not a surprise – college credit is crucial for successful graduation. Some internships might offer college credit as a form of payment, which is also a great deal. 

Is There a Chance to Progress?

Some companies hire their interns after a successful internship – it’s a great start for anyone who has just graduated. If you are lucky enough to find such an internship, you should definitely accept the offer. It will give you chance to save time and avoid going through numerous interviews in the search for a job. At least for the beginning of your career, you will be sure that there is a place for you. 

Of course, only prospective interns might get an opportunity to stay as a regular employee after the internship comes to an end. But even a slight chance of getting a job in a trustworthy company is a great argument towards accepting the offer.

Do They Give Recommendations?

Recommendations are crucial when it comes to an internship. A good recommendation can be your winning ticket and a chance to get an incredible job later. Be sure to ask if the company provides recommendations and referrals.

How Long Will It Last?

Another important question to discuss is the number of working hours and the dates when an internship starts and ends. It might be a crucial moment as you don’t want to spend much time on something that is not worth interfering with your studying process or even make you fail your exams.

All of the questions above are essential to ask whenever you get an offer. If you get all the answers, you can easily make the right decision. For example, some internships can only benefit you whether it’s a good payment, or great opportunities and perspectives. Never make a decision in haste, you should get all the information about the company, its rules and corporate policy, and of course, their intentions, what they are looking for in candidates, what makes them open vacancies for interns. 

We hope that you will find our advice useful. We wish you the best of luck with your internship!


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