Published 29 Aug 2019

How to Force Yourself to Finish Your Essay if You Get Stuck

When writer's block strikes, learn effective strategies to push through and complete your essay with our expert advice in this blog post.

pencil and paperDo you need to finish your essay but really don’t feel like doing it? Do you face difficulties with beating your procrastination? Don’t worry, we’ve got your back! Keep reading this article to know what you can do to overcome writer’s block and how to write your essay when you’re stuck.

1. Set the Timer

The deadline that is coming up might be the best motivation for you to continue writing and finishing your essay. If you still have a few hours left until the time when you need to turn your paper in, you might be too relaxed and not motivated enough. So, think of how much time (realistically) you need to finish your essay and set your timer. You will be forced to complete your essay without saying to yourself that you still have plenty of time. By the way, do you know the easy ways of completing an essay? Check out our tips on it.

2. Turn Your Inner Perfectionist Off

This tip might be tricky. It’s not about completing your essay in a rush and without proper effort, but about making the writing process continue instead of sticking in the middle of a sentence because you think that you can’t come up with, for example, a thesis statement idea that would be genius enough to receive a good grade.

Writing a good essay is a process that usually requires making edits to what you have already written or changing something in your drafts by slowly making it more polished. Never try to make it perfect on your first attempt. Keep writing just as it comes until you reach the needed word count, and look through it later. For now, you just need to complete your first draft. You might have some new ideas once you are looking it through.

Sometimes You Just Need to Relax

Perfectionism is not always suitable. Sometimes, it can be your reason to stop trying because of the fear of not being perfect enough. However, in the case of school papers, sometimes turning in at least any paper is better than none. This is one of the tips that we came up with in our article on how you can stay on top of schoolwork, which you should totally check out.

3. Take a Little Break

Your concentration, productivity, and creativity are tricky and complicated brain processes. You can’t just switch them on like a light in your room. If you are too tired, sleepy, or have been studying for past couple hours, you need to let your brain rest for a while. Set your essay aside and try not to think of it for 15 minutes or so. Do your dishes, listen to music, or even watch an episode of your favorite TV show. Once you come back to your essay, you will be able to have a fresh look at it and see what you can do about it.

Breaks through your study sessions are necessary. As an individual can concentrate for only 45 minutes straight, it’s not productive to pull an all-nighter without giving yourself a little rest. Take a break every hour to keep your concentration up and be more creative with your essay.

4. Use Incentives

When it comes to motivation, incentives can be used in different spheres of life. If you remember your parents promising you a dessert after you finish your dinner, you understand how incentives work.

Now it’s time to become an adult and start working on your motivation yourself. You can think of any kind of reward that you will set for completing your task – finishing your essay. For example, buying clothes that you have seen in a shop, going to a movie theater, or even getting some extra time to sleep in the morning. This strategy will give you extra motivation to finish your essay faster.

5. Get Help

Sometimes you just need a little push or advice. For example, from your friend or a tutor. We are not talking about asking your friend to write an essay for you. But you can always get someone to look through your essay and give you some ideas or drive your attention to the mistakes that you have made.

If you don’t know who you can turn to for help, you can always count on a professional writing team. If you struggle with your deadlines or need assistance with your essay which you have already started, but don’t know how to finish, you can request writing assistance. Writing teams also provide editing and proofreading services to help you polish your essay or structure it better.

6. Distance Yourself from Your Work

A lot of students agree that rereading your essay while working on it makes the process of writing a great essay even more challenging. You might feel disappointed about the parts that you have already written, considering them too banal or rambling.

In this case, it would be better to avoid rereading your text until your draft is completed. Alternatively, try to think of your essay as the piece that was written by someone else. To help yourself do that you might ask your friend to read your essay out loud or use the feature that many text editing programs provide – converting text into speech. So, you can basically listen to your own essay that is read by a computer to help you perceive it more realistically. This will help you avoid being prejudiced or too picky. Moreover, it will give you an understanding of how else you can evaluate your thoughts in your work and how to finish it even if you have no ideas now.

One more tip that every big writer uses is to give yourself time after finishing your draft and coming back to it for editing. Having a fresh look is always useful.

7. Beat Procrastination Starting from the Cause

Understanding why you procrastinate is essential in order to find effective ways to boost your productivity. For example, the reasons might be:

  • You have been studying for a while already. The cure: Take a break and let your brain rest for at least 15-20 minutes.
  • You can’t come up with any great idea. The cure: read materials related to the topic or have a sweet snack as you might need some extra    sugar for your brainstorming and just start writing what comes to your mind.
  • You are too tired or sleepy. The cure: turn music on, drink two glasses of cold water and open your window to get more fresh air. If it doesn’t help, just order an essay from our team and go to bed.
  • You are bored. The cure: remind yourself about the importance of this assignment and promise yourself a reward for completing this task (for example, going to a party or having pizza for dinner).
  • You can’t concentrate. The cure: avoid distractions; turn off your TV and your phone and find a quiet place for your studying if the atmosphere around you is noisy.

When you understand what gets in the way of your studying process, it’s much easier to eliminate these factors and improve your concentration. It’s not always easy if, for example, your roommate might be making too much noise and distracting you or you might have a headache that makes focusing so much harder. However, eliminating such distractions is the best way not only to complete your paper on time but also improve its quality.

Final Thoughts

We all sometimes get stuck with our work. It might happen because of procrastination, fatigue, or writer’s block, but for a student with tight deadlines, this obstacle might result in a real problem. So, we hope that our tips on how to force yourself to write will come in handy the next time you face such a problem. It’s time to write your essay and finish it on time! Don’t forget to let us know what you do to overcome writer’s block.

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