Published 22 Sep 2023

Pumpkins, Fun, Studies: Balance Midterms and Halloween

Dive into the festive spirit of October as we unravel the secret to juggling midterm exams and Halloween celebrations with flair!
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The fall season is loved by many due to Halloween. However, spooky, scary, and cozy October is often associated with midterm. It means that you need to see some progress with your studies already, yet you are still pretty much overwhelmed with the start of a new college year. Fall midterm is pretty hard on anyone as it is the time to be very focused and dedicated while still having Halloween fun. Keep reading to learn how you can do that.

Midterm Stress

Midterm exams that are often called simply midterms are roughly held in every college but not within every course. Sometimes, you might be lucky enough to be assigned a project, presentation, or something like that instead. However, dealing with midterm examinations is inevitable for every college student.

What you should know about midterms is that the program is built that way so that you have around 6-8 weeks before them, thus plenty of time to show progress, obtain knowledge, and generally be prepared for assessment. But in reality, the fall semester is about gradually sliding into the routine and getting the right study mood. That’s why many college students face more difficulties in the October midterms than in March. Another critical factor is that you would surely want to have fun with the upcoming Halloween season instead of having long and tiring study sessions. Here is how you can make your fall midterm a less stressful experience.

Start Early

It would be a pretty basic tip, but the most effective one is to start early. Don’t put your assignments and deadlines aside, but focus on your homework as early as possible. Start off your semester right and give yourself a short period of time to adjust. After that, stay focused and organized.

Be sure to put your deadlines into a calendar so they are not a sudden surprise to you. Also, break larger tasks into smaller steps – study each day for a few hours, and there will be no need to pull all-nighters right before an exam.

Don’t rely on cramming – it is a very specific tactic that is rarely effective enough due to the nature of our brains. We need some time to get the information into the memory slot, which is called long-term memory, where it can be effectively used. Cramming is the opposite and helps you remember something for a very short period of time, often without proper understanding.

Decorate Your Room Spooky

Halloween is just around the corner, so why not decorate your room to make studying seem less like a waste of spooky season time? It’s all about your approach to the topic – you can create a true witch nest in your room and make your study sessions much more exciting in such an atmosphere.

Grab a few fairy lights and pumpkins, add a little bit of DIY décor, and here you have a room that corresponds with the season and is cozy enough to get started on your exam preparation. Having this simple décor in your room will help you feel less like you are missing a part of the Halloween experience.

Prioritize and Organize

Being organized is not only about keeping your room clean but also about being consistent with your daily plans and routine, setting goals, and fighting procrastination. The latter is the problem that the majority of students face and a very complex issue. It consists of a lack of self-discipline, low motivation, stress, anxiety, etc.

Sometimes, procrastination and postponed assignments happen due to a simple lack of knowledge or even time. In this case, it’s safe to say that changing your daily routine should help a lot. Another brilliant option for you would be to turn to an essay writing company and delegate some of your assignments so that you have time to get prepared for your midterm. Prioritizing, in this case, is a huge deal, so it is a much-needed skill that you, as a college student, should work on.

Manage Your Time

If you want to balance your studies and your social life, it’s crucial to learn how to make the most out of your time. That is where time-management skills come in handy. Be sure to plan your study sessions and your homework time to be able to attend festive events and campus gatherings.

Create a daily routine with a consistent sleep schedule and activities like walks, workouts, extracurriculars, etc. Prioritize your classes and homework each day to manage smaller chunks at a time. Don’t put assignments aside; focus on finishing them early without rushing.

Consistent study schedule is a powerful tool that many college students underestimate. Suppose you can break your bigger assignments into smaller and more manageable pieces. In that case, you can improve the quality of your essays and also cover the material gradually, which is better for understanding.


Another essential factor is incorporating breaks into your daily routine to maximize your effectiveness during study sessions. Talking short breaks allows you to keep yourself focused and productive.

Use Festivities as Motivation and Reward

October can be a tough month for college students with midterm tests ahead. However, every college student wants to enjoy the Halloween season. It’s important to understand that if you work and put your effort into your studies first, you can later make the most out of the holidays without stress.

You can try using the Halloween-themed festivities, parties, and gatherings as a reward for your effort. Try, for example, to reward yourself with a fun activity, like pumpkin carving, after completing an assignment or a chunk of your studies. Set a goal to finish with studies and test preparation before a Halloween event that you are interested in attending. Setting such a condition for yourself is a form of motivation in case you need an extra push to complete a task.

Join a Study Group

Studying in a group is not for everyone, for sure. However, it is an effective strategy that helps many students increase their motivation and make sure they take control of their procrastination. Such groups are a perfect place for meeting new friends, improving your study routine, and also getting help with your studies. You can always ask for advice or help with your homework and get useful guiding tips from your peers.

Some colleges host group study sessions in their hallways or libraries. They can also be themed, especially during the month of October, to add a spooky atmosphere to the daily routine and make studying more fun. In some colleges, people gather in costumes to do their homework and study together. It allows you to focus on your studies without harming your academic performance while also enjoying the traditions of Halloween.

Don’t Neglect Yourself

An upcoming season of tests and exams might be stressful enough to make some students neglect their self-care. Focusing on your homework is undoubtedly essential, but it should not harm your physical or mental health.

Take your time to rest and energize each day. You can do effective stress-relieving practices like yoga or breathing techniques. Have spa days, and don’t forget to eat healthy. Make time in your schedule to socialize and attend campus Halloween events, as they can bring great joy.

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