Published 14 Oct 2017

10 Awesome Apps to Write Better in College

Elevate your college writing game with these ten exceptional apps designed to enhance your writing skills and academic success, all featured in this blog post.
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apps-to-write-better-in-collegeHeavy textbooks, long writing sessions, abnormal sleep cycles, all-nighters… College is not always fun. Don’t worry, though. Technology offers plenty of ways to improve the writing process and make it much easier.

Here are 10 amazing apps to help you become a better writer. Boost your studying process, and paper writing won’t be your worst nightmare anymore.

1. Dragon Dictation

Wish you could type your papers faster? Dragon Dictation allows you to speak and see your words in text right away. If you prefer speaking over writing, this application is what you need! Try to use Dragon Dictation if you are short of time to type your essay – it will do everything for you. Just pretend that you’re speaking to someone and dictate your thoughts.

2. SelfControl

If you can be easily distracted from the writing process, enjoy using SelfControl. It blocks certain websites for a specified amount of time by adding them to the “blacklist.” The app is very useful when you need to complete a huge essay fast but the social networks and mail servers divert your attention. Once your paper is finished, you can go back to chatting with friends and checking your news feed.

3. Evernote

You will never lose your homework with Evernote. You can save things, create to-do lists, upload different files and have access to this information from any device. Texts, photos, audio and video files – everything is stored in your online account. What is also great, there isn’t a storage limit, but you can upload just up to 60 MB per month for free.

4. Scribd

With Scribd, you will be able to use about 1 million books, text documents and audio files. Whether you need information for your literature class or search reference sources for your essay, this world’s biggest library online will help you. Scribd also gives the opportunity to create your personal library with different texts and notes and share them with people from all over the world.

5. EasyBib

EasyBib will be helpful when dealing with the most complicated step of preparing your paper – creating a list of citations. The app lets to format the list of references in all citation styles, including MLA and APA formats. Only enter a book’s title and receive a right citation. As simple as that! All you need to do is to copy the generated citation into your bibliography.

6. Tiny Scanner

Using Tiny Scanner, you can send your class notes to your friends. The app if perfect for ensuring that the notes are distinct enough to read. This application uses a camera to scan documents and turn them into PDF format so you can share them with ease. It also allows to color-correct the files before you export them into PDFs.

7. Coggle

Coggle is a wonderful tool for making and sharing mind maps. You can easily visualize your ideas when you’re brainstorming, planning your paper or organizing your notes. You can do everything online without installing or downloading the app. Quickly produce beautiful and well-structured notes and share them with friends and classmates.

8. Microsoft Office Mobile

Microsoft Office Mobile is ideal for accessing, editing and sharing all your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents on your devices. If you should begin to write your essay and don’t have a laptop nearby, create documents straight from your phone. You can open and edit files whenever you need.

9. Twinword Writer

This great tool will make your writing process much easier. It has a built-in thesaurus and suggests alternative words when you pause in your writing. Deliver your thoughts and ideas in the most suitable vocabulary with the help of this awesome app. It can also automatically detect the tone of your writing and tell when you are too positive or too negative.

10. My Study Life

This free app can replace any paper planner and is ideal for keeping track of your workload. You can easily manage your classes with a day timetable, keep track of your assignments and tests in the cloud and get notifications about important tasks and exams. From now on, you will never forget about a lecture or essay again!

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I am an only child (and not spoiled, really) who spent twelve years in Catholic schools and seven more off-and-on years in college, but my education largely took place at the Cahuenga Branch of the Los Angeles Public Library. Decades later, not much has changed. I again live in L.A. and I still spend a lot of time at the library — if I had to choose between reading and eating, I’d be dead in a week.
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