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5 Challenges to Awaken Your Creativity [Infographic].

Creativity is not like a bicycle – you learn how to ride and you can do it any time you want. On the contrary, creativity is something you have to… Read More

by Karen Palmer on May 2016

How to Have Better Brainstorming [Infographic].

Got into a creative block? Need some fresh ideas ASAP? No matter what problem you face, you can solve it with a successful brainstorming session. There are several ways you can make your brain work harder and your group brainstorming process more organized.

by admin on May 2016

7 Speaking Habits That Will Make You Sound Smarter [Infographic].

Imagine – you have only 5 minutes to impress someone with your words only. What would you say and how would you say it? Would you sound convincing enough? Someday your future will depend on your speaking style. No matter if you are delivering a graduation speech, having a dialogue with professor, or interview with employer – you have no right to look like a fool. The more confident you speak and the smarter you sound – the bigger is your chance to succeed.

by admin on March 2016