How It Works

The process of ordering

The process of ordering a paper is easy as can be. Using our simple form, input all your information, as well as the requirements for your paper. Specify any and all wishes that you have, including formatting and sources the you want to be used. You can also upload additional files, like class notes or books that you’d like the writer to make use of.

When you’re done

When you’re done, just wait for the payment to process, and we’ll be on our way to finding the perfect writer to complete your paper. You will be notified by email when your paper has been completed. From your account page, you can see a preview of the paper in .jpeg format.


If everything is in order, you can click ‘finalize’, and receive a download of your paper in Microsoft Word format. If, however, something needs changing, you can notify us by clicking on ‘revision needed’. Specify what changes need to be made, and we will provide the amendments free of charge.