25 Tips for Staying Organized in College

by Karen Palmer on February 2017

how to stay organized in collegeCollege is a perfect time for you to grow in more than just academic ways. However, it is not easy to achieve success without a measure of personal discipline. College involves tons of responsibilities combined with various social activities and it’s difficult to balance study and fun. To meet all of your academic commitments and have time for friends, you need to stay organized.

Here is how you can find time for everything and be happy with yourself and your life.

1. Be motivated. It’s crucial to realize that you need to do something with that mess in your life. That’s why consider carefully why you want to have a more organized and balanced life.

2. Set daily goals. A daily plan will give you the right direction of how you need to spend your time.

3. Use a planner. A planner will help you to track your classes, assignments, meetings and social activities, and stay focused and productive at the same time.

4. Stick to your plans. You need to have a rule: if you plan something, get it done. Your planner will remind you of the tasks that should be accomplished.

5. Schedule chores. Doing laundry, cleaning the room, taking the rubbish out, doing the shopping, you name it. Plan to do them at the same time every week, let’s say every Saturday.

6. Take notes. Notes always help to refresh the information in mind, whether they are written on paper or on your computer. Take notes in class and always add information when you recollect important details or facts.

7. Create to-do lists. To keep on track, you need to make to-do lists every day. Use your phone, planner or email for it.

8. Plan at the beginning of every week. At the beginning of a new week, sit down and write what you need to do during the next 7 days. Include your classes, activities, important events.

9. Set your own deadlines. When you need to complete a few tasks till the same deadline, make sure to set your own time limits for each assignment.

10. Create a clean workspace. Make sure your study area is clean and nothing will distract you from completing the tasks as fast as you need.

11. Put everything in its place. Identify a home location for all things and objects to find the necessary ones instantly.

12. Figure out your most productive time. Find when you are more productive during the day and schedule tasks accordingly.

13. Use your phone for reminders. It’s impossible to remember about everything, so use your phone to remind you about the important events.

14. Wake up at the same time. Waking up at the same time will help you get into a schedule easily.

15. Make your bed in the morning. The habit of making a bed will give you a sense of accomplishment and create a positive state of mind.

16. Stock your backpack. Gather all important things – a notebook, water bottle, pencils, laptop – to be ready to go once you need.

17. Study and relax in different areas. Study in a library or at your desk and use your bed for sleep.

18. Ignore social networking sites for a few hours every day. It will keep you from wasting too much time on the internet.

19. Set up email filters. Use filters to organize your emails – the tasks will become more manageable.

20. Create study groups. Bringing your classmates together is a great study strategy. Limit the group to 6 people not to turn it into a social event.

21. Use a timer. Using a timer will prevent you from talking with a friend or checking your messages when you need to study.

22. Turn off the distractions. To stay focused, you need to limit the distractions. Phone calls, Facebook, emails, messages can wait.

23. Have a budget. To control your finances, you need to create a monthly budget and stick to it.

24. Get plenty of sleep. A simple way to get the most of the day is to have enough sleep. You will feel more focused and energetic and it will be much easier to manage your busy schedule.

25. Go easy on yourself. It is really difficult to cope with the tasks and duties in college. Try to do your best but don’t be upset when you make a mistake.